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The best windsurfing spots in Croatia


Girandella & Ravni

Rabac GirandellaRabac is a pleasant and popular summer resort on eastern coast of Istria, not far from Labin, situated in a nice cove dominated by the pebble beach and rich vegetation. North for the town, Girandella hotel complex and beach are situated. The beach is combination of sand and rocks and a good place to enter the sea with your surfing equipment. Cars are not allowed all the way to the beach, but if you say on the reception you are surfers, they will pass you through. Interesting wind for surfing is bura which can be strong and constant enough for good windsurfing. When it blows, bura there is usually at about 4 bft but it can reach much higher speed. Bura sometimes create big waves to the satisfaction of free riders.

Not far from Rabac, south of Labin, yet another popular surfing spot is situated on this part of Istrian coast. Maestral is the wind in Ravni. It is a pleasant and warm southwestern wind reaching up to 15 notches. High cliff spreads high of Ravni which helps in creating good surfing conditions.

Rabac-Labin tourist board
Aldo Negri 20
52220 LABIN
Tel/fax: ++385 (0)52 855 560 Tel/fax: ++385 (0)52 854 886 E-mail:

Istra County Tourist Board
Pionirska 1
52100 Porec
Tel: +385 (0)52 452 797
Fax: +385 (0)52 452 796

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Croatia's best windsurfing spots to explore



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