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The best windsurfing spots in Croatia



Premantura - KamenjakPremantura is small town situated in Istria's far south, near Medulin and 10 km from Pula. Behind Premantura Kamenjak Cape is situated which is a protected nature park and entrance is charged. The long, narrow peninsula of Kamenjak gives Premantura its most recognizable characteristic. Kamenjak is encompassed by a 30 km coastline dotted with small islands and numerous coves and miniature beaches, many of them clothing optional. Rocky beach absolutely untouched with cliffs vertically on the sea in one side and pebbles on the other side.
Premantura windsurfingPremantura is ideal for windsurfing beginners because of moderate winds especially in the summer when mild southeastern maestral wind blows (no more than 4 bf). During springtime and fall stronger winds bura and jugo (southern wind) blow.
Southern wind causes big waves because of the shallow Premantura windsurfing spotwaters. On the other hand bura wind blows directly toward the coast which makes it not especially dangerous even for less experienced surfers. You can not count on bura beacuse it is a inforeseeable wind which usually blows a day or a two.
Premantura has several auto campings ideal for windsurfer fans. The most know is Stupica which is especially good place for windsurfing when bura blows.


Medulin Tourist Board
Centar 223
52203 Medulin
Tel: +385 (0)52 577 145
Fax: +385 (0)52 577 145

Istra County Tourist Board
Pionirska 1
52100 Porec
Tel: +385 (0)52 452 797
Fax: +385 (0)52 452 796

Accommodation in Premantura, Medulin and Pula.

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Croatia's best windsurfing spots to explore



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