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Croatia's best sandy beaches


Dugi Otok (Long Island)

Dugi Otok is the biggest island of Zadar's archipelago, 50km long and about 5km wide. It is quite distant from the coast - one hour and a half by ferry from Zadar and it remains one of those few places where you can enjoy tranquillity even in high season, ideal for tourists that will appreciate the peace and the natural beauties.
Island Dugi Otok beaches are different from one area to another. In the area of village Sali, the largest village on the island, there are mainly rocky beaches with stone terraces and cliffs and pinewoods. In the northern part of the island there are some sandy beaches accessible only with boats and the beautiful beach Saharun reachable by car as well. Nearby is the Pantera bay with sandy beaches.
Saharun, Dugi OtokSaharun or Sakarun sandy beach is situated on the wooden northwest coast of Dugi Otok, south of Soline and near Bozava and Veli Rat. It can be easily reached by car.
The Saharun beach is a long beach facing the open Adriatic sea. It is a beautiful cove of white sand, which gives the water turquoise color, and surrounded by pine woods. Even 200 m far from the coast, the sea is shallow only up to your waist. Drinks and sandwiches are available from the small snack bar. Saharun is becoming known for its summer beach parties which last 24 hours.
One of the attractions is a 41-metre-tall lighthouse in the vicinity of Saharun, at Veli Rat.
Island has other beautiful sandy beaches accessible only with boats. Waters in this area are rich in fish, while the well-indented coastline is perfect for boaters and water sports enthusiasts. Naturism is practiced almost everywhere except the beaches near by villages.

Dugi Otok
Sali Tourist Board
23281 Sali
Tel/Fax: +385 (0)23 377 094

Zadar County Tourist Office
Sv. Leopolda B. Mandica 1
23000 Zadar
Tel: +385 (023) 315 107
Fax: +385 (023) 315 316

Accommodation in Veli Rat, Bozava and Sali on Dugi Otok.

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Croatia's best sandy beaches to explore



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