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Croatia's best romantic beaches


Pag, Metajna

The island of Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands: it is the fifth largest island with 284.50 square kilometers. Its 270 kilometers of the indented coastline make it the island with the longest coastline on the Adriatic, rich with coves, bays, beaches and capes. The biggest bay, the bay of Pag, is rounded by 20 km of the gravel beaches. On Pag's Tourist Board site, if you click on Tourism and then on Beaches, you'll find interactive map with beautiful photos of beaches near Pag.
RucicaPeople either love the island of Pag or hate it for the same reasons. Some say it looks like the moon. That may be true: parts of it are extremely rocky and devoid of vegetation.
But if you've ever spent an evening on the Rucica pebbly beach behind Metajna and watched the sun go down, turning the rocks pink as you sit on pristine white pebbles by the crystalline, lagoon-calm sea, all framed by the Velebit mountains on the mainland, you wonder how this could be a bad thing. When you leave Metajna turn left and after 2 further kilometers you will come Rucica paradise cove. Near there is also an restaurant which has a bell ringing on lunch and dinner time, but you can stop and have a rest or drink or eat at any time.

Tourist Board of city of Pag
Ulica od spitala 2
23250 Pag
Tel/fax: +385 (0)23 611 301

Novalja Tourist Board
Setalište hrvatskih mornara 1
53291 Novalja
tel/fax +385 (0)53 661 404

Island Pag tourism info

Accommodation in Novalja
See offer also for Pag town.
Map Pag beaches map


Croatia's best romantic beaches to explore




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