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Croatia's best romantic beaches


Cres island
Valun Beach

The island of Cres, by size the second island in the Adriatic, is located in the northern part of the Bay of Kvarner. Its southern part, i.e. the town of Osor, is linked to the island of Losinj by a trestle bridge. Cres is a hilly island, 66 km long and ranging in width from 2 to 12 km. The island's coastline , 248 km long, is indented; its western and southern part have a plenty of bays and pebbly beaches while the northern and eastern part are characterized with steep and rough rocks. The island's true gems are undoubtedly its many beaches, nestled mostly on the western shores, midway between Sveti Blaz and the Bay of Ustrine. Some of them have the look of a hollow shell, slowly disappearing into the emerald-blue sea. These shells have been washed out by centuries of rain and sea waves, waves that in time were able to round and smooth the limestone sediments from which these shores have been formed. Some of these beaches can be reached by walking on the age-old pathways that lead you past the "gromacas", the green spruces and olive tree trunks, while being accompanied by the scents of rosemary, thyme and mint. Others can be found by the camping sites, such as the almost 500m long Slatina Beach, while again others can only be reached by sea.
ValunValun, a picturesque seaside village, is situated around a small harbour in the southern part of the Bay of Valun. For many it is the msot beautiful and the most romantic place on the island.
There are two beautiful pebbly beaches, Little Valun beach, backed by a steep mountain, is so quiet and secluded, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away.
You can also rent a kayak for a perfect romantic day exploring little coves and surely you will discover the perfect place for you. Extraordinary scenery, Mediterranean scents and surreal beauty of water and sky color, will soon make you forget about the time. After a romantic day at the beach, treat yourself with a romantic dinner in one of Valun's restaurants.
And if you ever get tired of Valun, which is hard to believe, the island has other breathaking places and beaches where you can enjoy quietness and sense of untouched nature. Lubenice, Sv. Ivan beachLubenice, for example, is situated 382m above sea level and overlooks the bay of Kvarner. Down below is a small pebbly bay with a virgin beach, which can be reached by foot or by boat. It will take you 50 minutes to get down and approx. 1 hour to climb back. But it's well worth all the effort.
BeliBeli is another perfectly romantic place, one of the oldest settlements on Cres. A settlement organised like an acropolis, Beli is situated on a 130m high hill above the eastern coast of the northern part of the island. Today it is a typical, closely- built, seaside village, rich in cultural and historical monuments. Beli becomes increasingly popular as a starting point of long walks in the countryside. And yes, there is a beautiful pebbly beach near by.

Cres Tourist Board
Cons 10
51557 Cres
Tel/Fax: +385 (0)51 571 535

Kvarner County tourist board

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