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Croatia's best beach promenades


Losinj island
Mali Losinj-Veli Losinj promenade

Mali LosinjThe Island of Losinj is part of the Cres-Losinj island group, inside the Kvarner Bay. Mali Losinj is not only the biggest settlement on the island of Losinj but also the biggest island town in the Adriatic. The town is found on the southern side of the Bay of Losinj, which has become a very important maritime center, and an important tourist destination.
Losinj and Cres islands offer over 130 km marked walking paths and sea-promenades and there is printed brochure Cikatabout it as well. The sea-promenades are suitable for the widest circle of walkers. They lead along the island's shores, bays and coves and through hundred-year-old pine forests. A walk along Cikat Cove, where Losinj's ladies used to wait for their seamen to return home, past beautiful villas of Austrian nobility, will remind you strongly of the past.
Losinj veliThe most beautiful sea-promenade is connecting Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj. It is worth mentioning that once Veli Losinj (Velo selo, i.e. "big village") was bigger than Mali Lošinj (Malo selo, i.e. "small village), but the letter developed faster so that today the situation is reversed, nevertheless their names remained the same. The high houses around the port and the numerous villas with nice gardens are the main characteristics of Veli Losinj. While strolling along the narrow streets of Veli Losinj, through the garden gates ("portuni") you will be able to see Promenadethe splendid villas of former captains, shipowners and the rich upper class.
The 4 km long promenades between the two places goes along the coast, through some beautiful woods and along coves. When you reach Veli Losinj, you can continue toward Rovenska, the small fishermen’s port, which attracts visitors with its beautiful beach.


Mali Losinj Tourist Board
Riva Losinjskih kapetana 29
51550 Mali Losinj
Ttel/fax: +385 (0)51 231 884, 231 547

County tourist board Primorje-Gorski Kotar

Accommodation in Mali Losinj: Private apartments, rooms and hotels
See offer for Veli Losinj as well.




Croatia's best beaches promenades to explore



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