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Dubrovnik Nightlife

OK, not exactly a beach spot review, but as Dubrovnik is for many the most attractive destination in Croatia, we thought it deserves few kilobytes of space about it's nightlife and party venues. Numerous web sites praise city's beauty so it only seems right we start the same way.
The city's fortified old town overlooks the dazzling Adriatic from a shelter of limestone cliffs and its marble-paved streets are lined with marvelously preserved churches, stately palaces, squares, and terracotta-roofed townhouses. Meanwhile, down below, along the seaside coast, fine beaches beckon - as do a slew of offshore islands - making Dubrovnik uniquely appealing to history buffs and sun worshippers alike. While you can spend days on end exploring Dubrovnik's ancient monuments, not all is history-heavy in this sunny city.
Dubrovnik, Banje beachAs this is a "beach site", we start with the most popular beach bar in town. Wonderful Eastwest Beach Club is situated on the beach front of famous pebbly Banje beach, just east of the old town, below the 16th-century Lazareti complex that once quarantined city visitors for 40 days; the sand here gets pretty crowded in summer months. Famous stars, international sportsmen, artists visiting Dubrovnik are daily visitors of this special place. Some of details of the Eastwest, like comfortable chailse lounge, remind its guests of the good ancient Roman times. It is really a swinging watering hole in the season.
Dubrovnik has a lively nightlife, but if you are after wild parties and hordes of bars then Dubrovnik is maybe not for you. The nightlife mainly consists of nice restaurants, live music & shows and an ample choice of outdoor bars and cafés. Nightlife Clubbing venues pop up and disappear regularly, so check with tourist information, but drinking holes are plentiful.
You can start the evening with a walk along Old Town's famous Stradun or Placa street. It is non traffic area, as well as the rest of the old historical center of the town. Many of those who have visited the town agreed, this is one of the most beautiful streets in the whole world. Its sidewalk cafes are perfect spots for Croatia's favorite pastime: people watching. There's no better place than Cafe Festival near the Franciscan monastery. Later you can move to one of many bars or restaurants in narrow streets of Old Town.
For those romantic souls we recommend Buza bar (Ispod Mira), a bar clinging precariously to the cliffs, it's reached via a hole in the city wall which has a sign simply proclaiming "cold drinks". It's the bar for sunset-watching. From the terrace there are steps leading to the beach where you can swim off a rock by the sea.
Hemingway (Pred Dvoram) is a cocktail bar with comfy chairs facing the pedestrian street and 30-page cocktail menu.
If you simply can't live without an Irish bar, even under hot Mediterranean sun, then Karaka pub in Od Polaca street, just of off Stradun, is the place for you.
Fuego (Brsalje 11, near Pile Gate, just outside the old town), also known as Latino club, is one of the best nightclubs in town, it's also the busiest one. During season it is open every day. Many events, different vibe every night, cool interior, friendly staff, affordable prices and good music are its best reference. Club is open 22-04h and equally popular among fun young locals and tourists, a good place to meet other backpackers.
If Fuego is too soft for you, you can try Bikers' Cafe - located at Ploce, the part of Dubrovnik just above the Old Town. For a night of booze and rock and roll, join the bikers on their nightly adventures.
And if dance music or rock is not your cup of tea, you can head to Troubadur Jazz cafe (Buniceva poljana 2, near Gundulic square), open until late in the night. It is a friendly and relaxed place where you can toss back a brew and soak up a unique ambiance. The owner, pirate-looking Marko, is a jazz musician and makes sure his passion is fulfilled every night. Marko was also performing on Eurovision Song Contest, back in 1968.
Bana Josipa Jelacica is a lively street just outside the city walls where you can find a few bars and pubs interspersed with cafés.
The latest addition to Dubrovnik's night scene is the super-slick center Labirint (Sv Domenika 2) with a casino, restaurant, disco and nightclub. Lazareti offers live music and club nights with a laidback, genial ambiance. Dress up.
Lazareti club is a place for progressive, techno & house music. Regular events with resident and international DJ's.
A bit further form the old town, in Babin Kuk area, you can head to Exodus (Ive Dulcica 39) for a pumping disco experience. Dance till you drop and later you can crash on Veliki zal, Brsecinenear Copacabana beach. Exodus, Veliki Zal beach in Brsecine, 15 km north of Dubrovnik near Trsteno, and other places around town often host progressive, techno and house parties with international DJ's, so anyone interested in that sort of music should check with tourist information for what's going on during your stay in the town. More info at Dubrovnik clubbing pages (Cro only).
It would be simply unfair not to mention famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival which starts in July and lasts for a month, fulfilled with first class cultural events, while residents and visitors join together in a happy, colorful party.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board
Cvijete Zuzoric 1/II, p.p. 258
20000 Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 (0)20 323 887
Fax: +385 (0)20 323 725

County tourist board Dubrovnik-Neretva

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