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Croatia's best naturist / Nudist / FKK beaches


Hvar, the island of Hvar
Jerolim and Stipanska naturist beaches

Hvar, PakleniThe most popular beaches of the town Hvar are situated on the Pakleni islands. The name of this tiny archipelago (about twenty islets right opposite the town of Hvar) which extends undulating along the south side of Hvar comes from the word "paklina" (melted pine resin for 'rasping' boat plating). This archipelago is the most beautiful part of the Hvar riviera.
Pakleni islands have numerous bathing places and a myriad of small, secluded beaches.
The most popular naturist ones are:
Hvar, JerolimJerolim - On the island of Jerolim (named after a 15th-century church which has since disappeared), directly opposite Hvar town, there is a well-known and long-established naturist beach, equipped with showers and a shop. Restaurant: Jerolim. The busiest area is around jettie but further away one can find many isolated places. A boat runs several times a day from Hvar harbor. Boats are leaving at about every half hour or so from 9am-1pm, returning at half hour intervals between 4pm and 6pm. Same goes for Stipanska. For further islands (Palmizana) boats are leaving hourly in the morning.
Hvar, StipanskaStipanska - This beach, located on the island of Marinkovac, part of Paklina archipelago, is reserved for naturists, equipped with showers and a shop. Restaurant: Stipanska. A boat runs several times a day from Hvar harbor. Mlin beach, next to the Stipanska beach, the island of Marinkovac.
Hvar, PalmizanaPalmizana - is a spacious cove with a shallow sandy beach. Palmizana is situated on Veliki otok (Big Island).
On Palmizana you can freely cast your clothes away – nudism has a tradition on Palmizana, where you can be undisturbed in one of the island's many lonely coves.
You have an organized transfer by taxi boats from the port of Hvar.

Tourist board of City of Hvar
Trg Sv. Stjepana b/b
tel./fax: (021) 741059, (021) 742977

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Croatia's best naturist / nudist / FKK beaches to explore



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