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The best hidden beaches in Croatia


Nature park "Rt Kamenjak" (Cape Rocky ground)

Premantura - KamenjakKamenjak is the most southern end of Istrian peninsula located near Medulin popular tourist resort, and Banjole and Premantura villages. Kamenjak is long, narrow peninsula, about 9.5 km long and as wide as 1.5 km. It has been proclaimed as nature park and it is under special protection. The entrance is charged a few Kunas.
The entire coastline of the cape is 30 km long dotted with numerous inlets, coves miniature beaches and small islands. There are many dirt roads and paths all over the peninsula leading to the most hidden areas.
Kamenjak is especially attractive for diving enthusiasts because of its fascinating underwater world. Windsurfers also discovered this place and set their base in Premantura. Needles to say all those who enjoy trekking and mountain-biking will also enjoy this place. Waters around Kamenjak are especially rich with fish which makes it a wonderful place for sport fishing, especially in Albanez cove, near far south end of the peninsula. For those interested in "Robinson Crusoe" style holiday, a "get away from stress holiday", operating lighthouses are available as vacation rentals.
As most of the roads on the cape are rough dirt roads, it is not recommended to drive there with sport cars. Stay on the main roads and walk down the coast.
KamenjakLots of people come over here for sunbathing and swimming during the summer. Rocky beaches absolutely untouched with cliffs vertically on the sea in one side and pebbles on the other side. Clear clean water and quiet coves attract all those seeking for some peace and privacy, loneliness and skinny dipping. There are some pebbly beaches suitable for children, but mostly it is rocky coastline with flat rocks which are so inviting for sunning and daydreaming.
In southern parts of the cape swimmers have to be careful because of strong sea currents, which can drive away careless swimmers far from the coast. Caution is especially needed during high/low tide change.
Safari barAt the southwest end of the cape, there is an interesting Safari Bar, Robinson style place, offering refreshments and snacks. Children will especially enjoy it here because of interesting and unusual installations. Adventure guaranteed. Bar is also often visited by windsurfers who find this southern end of the cape very attractive, especially suitable for more experienced surfers.


Medulin Tourist Board
Centar 223
52203 Medulin
Tel: +385 (0)52 577 145
Fax: +385 (0)52 577 145

Istra County Tourist Board
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Tel: +385 (0)52 452 797
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Accommodation in Premantura, Medulin and Pula.

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Croatia's best hidden beaches to explore



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