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Croatia's best party beaches


Liznjan / Medulin
Kuje / Cuvi / Bura beach

In the far south-east of Istria, among Mediterranean broom vegetation lies fishing and agricultural village Liznjan whose hilltop overlooks the Kvarner bay and the islands of Cres and Lošinj. If you prefer diving through the sea depths, the underwater coast along Marlera and partially along the Kuja bay reveals one of the last meadows of flowering Voga. There are many private appartments for hire and rural tourism is also quite common here. Try and find some of the cottages and you will be soon convinced that life in the south Istria is beautiful.
Kuje Cuvi LiznjanKuje / Cuvi beach is located in Liznjan Marina. It is the next village from Medulin, you go through the village, past the Poli Ceha pub, past the school, past the Galiola restaurant on the left, and then continue down to the sea. The beach is grass leading onto the sea, with some trees offering a shade. There is a paving-slab area, and the sea floor is sandy. The beach is popular from July until the end of August with a mix of families and young people, and a mixture of nationalities as well.
There are pedaloes for hire, a speedboat for doughnuts, wakeboarding and water-skiing. Kuji bay is also a popular spot among windurfers because it is open to bura wind, but not as much as in near Premantura.
Bura Beach BarThere is a popular Bura Beach Bar, situated under the shade of a huge 200 year old Fig tree, and is constructed entirely of wood. It was designed by 2 award-winning designers from London, and has a contemporary feel. As a result they attract a lot of the cool locals from Pula, who make up the majority of their customers. However, those tourists lucky enough to find them normally spend their whole holiday there! They serve cocktails, beer and fresh food from the grill and are really popular for lunch. At night there are often events with bands and DJ's playing, which can attract 100's of people.

Marlera LiznjanAnother popular beach is Marlera. Marlera promontory and its beach are the most famous attractions of Liznjan. Reaching the Marlera beach is simple, just take the road from Liznjan to the south. The beach is facing south, and just across there is a small island Levan with a beautiful sand beach.
The Island of Levan which is 10 minutes boat ride from either Kuji Beach or Marlera - on it there is a bar and restaurant, and a sandy beach! The only access to the bar is by boat, so there are lots of jet-skis and speed boats set along the two small jetties. It's all basic, but another good thing to do in the area!
Svetica LiznjanThose seeking privacy should try finding Below the Svetica Hill beach. There are several small coves with stone/gravel beaches. Your hosts can give you detailed explanations how to come to these remote beaches, either by boat or taking the macadam road.

Liznjan Tourist Board
Liznjan 147
52203 Medulin
Tel: +385 (0)52 578 426
Fax: +385 (0)52 578 002

Medulin Tourist Board
Centar 223
52203 Medulin
Tel: +385 (0)52 577 145
Fax: +385 (0)52 577 145

Istra County Tourist Board
Pionirska 1
52100 Porec
Tel: +385 (0)52 452 797
Fax: +385 (0)52 452 796


Accommodation in Premantura, Liznjan Medulin and Pula.

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