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The best hidden beaches in Croatia


Lastovo beaches

Green island of Lastovo is situated at south of Dalmatia, far out into the Adriatic, 13 km south of Korcula, surrounded by numerous small silver islands. An island and archipelago that like by a miracle escaped the blessings of civilization. It has a well indented coast line, gravel and sandy beaches and 46 small islands and islets off its east and west coasts. Lastovo is an ideal place for peaceful vacations, far from the usual crowd of tourists, home-made food (Lastovo is famous for spiny lobsters) and exquisite wines, as well as sports and recreational opportunities - yachting, surfing, fishing - guarantee a pleasant stay. The island is one of some dozen gardens of Eden in the Mediterranean on the list of prestigious World Wild Foundation (WWF).
Skrivena LukaThere are several beautiful bays on the island, the Zaklopatica bay, an ideal place for a quiet holiday, far from the hustle and bustle of busy tourist destinations, Skrivena Luka (Portorus - Hidden Harbour) bay, Velo and Malo Lago bays, etc. On the southern coast is a large and deep bay, which provides safe shelter during the bora and westerly winds. On the eastern side of the bay is the place called Skrivena Luka (Hidden Harbour), with a low, sand coast. The other attractive places are Lastovo village, Lucica, Saint Mihovil, Ubli, Pasadur, Prehodisca, Saplun Island, etc.
Especially attractive are excursions by boat to the islands and islets of the Lastovo archipelago.
To the west of Lastovo lie the small islands of Mrcar and Prezba. Prezba is very close to Lastovo and together they form two lagoons of unique beauty: Malo lago (Small Lake) and Velo lago (Big Lake), both sheltered from the wind. In the middle of the larger lake is an islet with Benedictine monastery, which can be visited by boat, which runs 4 times a day. Facilities - no other facilities but restaurants. The coasts are rocky, with many easily accessible beaches and small harbours. To the west and east there are a number of Saplunislands of varying sizes, all uninhabited. There are many wooded, sandy beaches.
In front of the north-eastern coast of the island of Lastovo is a group of unpopulated islets and reefs - Donji Skoljic (Lastovnjaci). Major islets are Cesvinica, Krucica, Saplun and Stomorina. The island of Saplun is famous for its beautiful sand beaches often visited by yachts.

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