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The best hidden beaches in Croatia


Hvar island
Zavala and Sveta Nedjelja / Nedelja / Nedilja

ZavalaZavala is a small village and harbor, 13 km south of Jelsa, on the southern coast of Hvar, facing open sea. It is located on the local road that goes from Jelsa, through Pitve then through the long and dark tunnel (1400 m) with traffic light because it's so narrow two cars can't pass each other. Zavala is situated about 80 m above the sea, two hours by motor-boat from Hvar.
Below the village there are several absolutely beautiful pebbly beaches with virginly clean and clear water where you can escape from the crowds of other island's popular resorts. The most attractive beach is at Petrascica (with a cave). There is a little bar restaurant preparing freshly caught fish and refreshments. A perfect place to enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine. Off the main season you can have the whole beach just for yourself.
In Zavala one can stay in private accommodation and if you're looking for a true get away on the island the south side is the place to go. The place hasn't been cought by mass tourism and you can enjoy a real peace and connection with the nature.
Sveta NedjeljaThe coats between Zavala and the village of Sveta Nedjeja (10 km west of Zavala) has several little coves with wonderful fine pebble beaches where you can find some privacy. Some of them are suitable for skinny dipping as well.
Another beautiful beach can be found in the village of Sveta Nedjelja itself. The beach is sandy (not really a sand, but close enogh) and that is probably the reason why it so popular. It can be pretty crowded in high season.
Sveta Nedjelja is especially known by its wines which have the reputation of being the best wines of the island of Hvar, particularly the Plavac red wine. The village is situated below the highest peak on the island, Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas).
By a small motor boat it takes about an hour to get there from Hvar town.

Tourist board of City of Hvar
Trg Sv. Stjepana b/b
tel./fax: (021) 741059, (021) 742977

Tourist Board Jelsa
Jelsa bb
21465 Jelsa
Tel: +385 (0)21 761 017; (0)21 761 918
Fax: +385 (0)21 761 017

Hvar island tourism site
Jelsa tourism site


Accommodation in Hvar: Private apartments, rooms and hotels
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