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Beach weather Croatia


Actual weather conditions in Croatia
Actual weather Croatia

Actual weather Croatia

Weather forecast for Croatia: today, tomorrow, 7-day forecast

Actual weather conditions in Croatia

Sea surface temperature

Croatian Meteorological and Hidrologycal Service

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Croatia has a varied climate, with continental climate conditions in the north and Mediterranean ones on the Adriatic coast.

Required clothing: Lightweights with rainwear for summer. Mediumweights for winter with heavier clothing for inland areas.

Climate for the Adriatic coast: The warmest months are July and August when the air temperature is between 25C and 35C (77F - 95F) and the sea temperature reaches up to 28 C (83F). The rain is rare. This is the time when most of the tourists come. If you're for a quieter time at the beach and not so many tourists, maybe June and September are months for you. They are also very warm months with average temperatures around 25C (77F) and the sea surface temps between 20 C and 25C (68F - 77F).

Sunbathing and swimming is also possible in April, May and October, but it really depends on the weather and chances are that you'll get more sunshine in the southern Adriatic. In that period expect temperature between 15C and 25C (59F - 77F) and the sea temperature between 16 and 21C (61-70F). This is a period with more rain and windy days.
The air temperature on the coast in winter months is between 5 and 10 C (41-50F) and the sea temperature is in average 12C (54F ). Temperature during winter in inland areas can go well under 0C (32F ).

Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik Max (C) Min (C)
January 11 5
February 12 5
March 14 7
April 17 10
May 21 14
June 25 17
July 28 20
August 28 20
September 25 17
October 21 13
November 16 9
December 13 6

Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for Zagreb:

Zagreb Max (C) Min (C)
January 3 -4
February 5 -3
March 11 1
April 16 5
May 21 9
June 24 13
July 27 14
August 26 14
September 22 11
October 16 6
November 8 2
December 4 -1



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