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Beach frequently asked questions and tips



  • When is the best time to come?
    July and August are the warmest months when the sea temperature reaches up to 28° C (83° F) and air temperature exceeds well over 35° C ( 95° F). This is the peak of the season, especially between July 15 and Aug 15, and you can expect crowds on the most popular beaches. If you prefer not so hot weather and less crowd, then June and September are ideal for you. Water is still warm and you will get plenty of sunshine. Swimming and sunbathing is also possible in May or October (if you come from Scandinavia or Canada and are not afraid of a bit colder water). Depending on the weather, even April is sometimes nice and warm enough for the beach.

  • Is topless legal in Croatia?
    Yes. The attitude to topless bathing is typically relaxed, in fact topless is practiced on every beach in Croatia and it is considered normal.

  • Is it OK to wear a thong?
    Yes, but you'll notice that thongs are quite rare and chances are you'll attract a lot of looks.

  • Is nudism / naturism legal in Croatia?
    Yes, naturism is well accepted all along Croatian Adriatic coast. Except on official naturist beaches and resorts, you can enjoy on many more unofficial. Maybe it is not unimportant to point out that naturist beaches aren't in remote hard to find areas. Most of them are usually just a walk away distance from centers of towns, villages or resorts. Many of the regular beaches have also a naturist section (usually at the end of the beach). So wherever you go, you can be sure there is a naturist beach in the vicinity.

  • Is it true that there aren't many sandy beaches?
    Yes. Croatian coast is mostly pebbly, rocky and narrow but there are some wonderful sand beaches as well. Take a look at our Best sandy beaches section.
    Some people are a bit dissapointed with the fact that Croatia doesn't abounds in sandy beaches, but you will often hear same people later saying that this is maybe even better because this is the reason sea water is so clean and crystal clear. And when we say crystal clear, we really mean it. Croatia Adriatic is for a reason referred as the cleanest Mediterranean sea.
    The Adriatic deepens from the clear shallows to jade green and cobalt colours of the deeper waters. Not many people can determine the color of the Adriatic sea. Sometimes it's dark blue, sometimes greenish-blue. The fact is that the sea, depending on the time of day and the angle of the sun's rays overflows into a thousands nuances. However, it is always beautiful and unique.

  • I am afraid of sharks!
    Well, in Croatia you don't have to be. Dangerous sharks don't live in the Adriatic, although sometimes they follow big overseas ships that sail from the Med to Adriatic ports eating garbage that ships let out into the sea. It is a rare thing those sharks come close to the coast and when it happens it is a top story for all TV news crews.

  • Are there good facilities on beaches?
    Most official beaches have numerous facilities, from sport and watersport facilities to catering facilities, parasols and beach chairs rentals, lifeguards etc. Croatia has 98 Blue Flag beaches and marinas (in 2004) and this number increases every year. The Blue Flag is an European award for beaches of the highest standard as per EU rules.



  • Sun danger
    You are probably familiar with dangers for your skin that come along with excessive sun exposure. Always put on some sunscreen and try avoiding sunbathing during hottest part of the day. First couple of days take it slow, exposing your skin to the sun only before 11am and after 4pm. In between these hours do what locals do - take a rest. Even when you get a perfect tan, limit your sunbathing during hottest hours.
    Especially be careful with small children. Never expose small babies directly to the sun more than a few minutes and always use sun protection cream with the highest blocking factor.
  • Hot sun
    Never jump into the water after spending longer period of time on the hot sun. Take it slow and allow some time for your body to adjust to the water temperature. Especially young men, don't play macho in front of the girls by jumping to the water straight after frying under the sun. Your heart might not take it.
  • Shade
    Take a sunshade or look for a beach with trees to provide shade. Your body will be thankful if you take pauses in sunbathing under hot sun.
  • Foot wear
    Bring, or buy when you get there, a pair of plastic water shoes. Maybe it doesn't look the best, but it will help you moving around the rocky and pebbly beaches or getting in or out of the water. In many places, especially isolated beaches, you will find sea-urchins, which is another good reason to have some sort of a foot wear. But be glad when you see sea-urchins, it means the water is absolutely clean because they live only in especially clean waters.
  • Swimming
    Croatian Adriatic is perfect for swimming. It is a warm and calm sea of exceptional clearness and cleanness. Official beaches have designated areas for swimming where speedboats and jet-skiis are not allowed. Don't put your self at risk by swimming outside those areas. On remote beaches you'll just have to use your common sense and not swim far from the coast or go out far in the open sea with an inflatable raft, especially during bad weather conditions. There aren't strong currencies on the Adriatic, tides are low (from 40 cm to 1m), high waves are rare, still you need to be careful. As mentioned before, a specific danger presents many speed boats and jet-skiis.
  • Help with litter
    Bring out everything that you bring in, especially trash. It is important to leave sites as clean or cleaner than you found it for the next person. This especially applies for isolated beaches, so if you don't take out your trash, the area will be spoiled, since no municipality is likely to do it. Also, strip cigarette butts from the ground. No one likes sunbathing in an ashtray. Respect and protect the wildlife.
  • Fire regulations
    Follow local fire regulations. Open fires or even using camping stoves outside of campgrounds is strictly prohibited. Also be careful when lightning out the cigarette. Croatian coast is high fire risk area especially in the summer. Even a few seconds of inattention can cause forest fires.




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