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Finding the perfect beach has been challenging many travallers. The perfect beach is more than just a sand and waves. In fact sandy beaches are not abounded in Croatia, but that's why the waters of Croatian Adriatic are so crystal clear.
Some other things maybe play even greater role in defining the perfect beach, things like clarity of the water, beautiful scenery, warm and swimmable waters... and this is where Croatia is hard to beat. It is hard to resist the call of these clear blue waters in which your submerged body takes on an indescribable feeling of pleasure and ease. You only have to find your own place, far from noise and the crowds, or right in the middle of it if that's what you prefer, where the air smalls of salt and pines, where the submarine world is visible for meters in depth. You only have to make a wish.
And if there are beautiful Mediterranean vibrant towns and sleepy villages with some good restaurants offering the freshest food you could imagine and glass of a good wine, lively nightlife with bars where you can sit in the open and enjoy Mediterranean sky, even better.

On these pages you will find lists of Croatia's best beaches in several categories. The lists are completely made by editorial choice. If your favorite beach is missing please contact us and let us know.



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